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Welcome to FootwearDynamics.com. I’m happy you’re here!
Kate Edison
My name is Kate, and I created this website to provide information and guidance on problem feet as well as the struggles that arise from having common foot issues. Since experiencing my own difficulties, I’ve decided to share my knowledge with you in the hopes that you’re journey to happy, healthier feet can be less troublesome and quicker to figure out than most.

At the young of age of 13, I developed plantar fasciitis in both of my feet. All those long classes and rehearsal hours spent dancing with little or no foot support put undue pressure on my arches. I naturally overpronate as well (rolling in towards the arches when stepping), which didn’t help. Only when I began waking up to painful, stiff arches which I could hardly walk on did I begin to realize the importance of taking care of your feet.

The pain in my arches was so bad that I had to quit dancing, my favorite pastime, for a year so that my feet could heal. I was heartbroken, but knew it had to be done to be able to ever dance again. I massaged my arches with a tennis ball daily, had custom orthotics made, and began thinking seriously about how important supportive shoes are.

The foot issues don’t end there, folks. Dancing in pointe shoes from a young age caused some issues in the natural development of my feet. My feet are already wide and flat as it is, but, to then squeeze those feet into narrow pointe shoes proved problematic in the long run. I loved ballet so much, though, that I persevered. Consequently, I developed bunions.

As you’re probably beginning to realize, my feet had a rough childhood growing up, but that’s because no one really taught me how to take care of my feet. They taught me how to use them to my advantage for my craft, but not necessarily how to take care of the very things that will be carrying me throughout the rest of my life.

Now, as an older adult, I appreciate the importance of caring for ones’ feet. Problems in the feet can lead to problems with one’s gait and posture. This, in turn, can lead to more major problems of back pain, knee pain, and overall fatigue.
Does this sound like you?

I remember feeling alone in my experience, but I soon realized that I’m far from alone and perhaps I should even try to do something useful about it. I created this website to help improve the awareness of foot health and provide information on foot care, foot health, and the products that support strong, healthy feet.

Think of this website as a “Get good feet quick” scheme. It’ll save you time, money, and energy looking for the information and the products you need for pain-free feet.
Can’t wait to share with you in the next article.