How To Run With Flat Feet

Are you worried that having flat feet means you can’t run well? Perhaps you’re one of the people who get pain when they run?Running with flat feet can cause problems and affect performance. It’s not all bad news though. There’s actually quite a lot you can do to make it easier to run with flat … Read more

How To Break In Leather Boots

Ever you ever thought of the benefit in breaking those leather boots of yours without the hassle of struggling to conform to the feet? Wait a minutes, do I assume you belong to those league of boot wearers who will employ all unconventional means to seeing that their feet fit in every boots even if … Read more

can you join army flat feet

Can You Join the Army With Flat Feet?

Can you join the army with flat feet?Most people assume that having flat feet is always a no-go area for joining the military.The truth is, it’s actually quite a grey area. They could reject you, but it’s also possible that flat feet won’t make any difference at all.Confused? I’ve done a ton of research into … Read more

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Do you have pain in your heel and wonder whether plantar fasciitis is to blame?Lots of people told me that my heel pain was plantar fasciitis. This got me asking: “What is plantar fasciitis” and how do I know if I may have it?I’ve done a ton of research since then, which I’m going to … Read more

How to Increase Circulation in the Feet

Do you often experience cramping or frequent swelling in your legs and feet? Do you often feel pain in your feet whenever you try to walk a distance from a particular spot?If this relates to you, chances are you have poor circulation in your feet and legs.According to Dr. Scott R. Kilberg, poor circulation is … Read more


Top 50 Running Blogs You Should Be Following In 2018

Running is a rewarding hobby and workout. Without inspiration, though, it can be quite difficult to stay motivated. The reality is, some days you simply don’t feel like you have the get-up-and-go to rack up the miles. Or maybe, you’ve hit a wall planning your training and aren’t sure where to turn for advice.That’s where … Read more