Do Vans Fit Wide Feet?

If you’re someone with wide feet, it can be hard to get footwear that will suit you. Vans has a reputation for providing comfortable and stylish footwear. But do vans fit wide feet?

Vans are a good choice for people who have wide feet. The standard is medium width. If you have wider feet, you might want to order a size up. This will give your feet plenty of space. Also, with use, Vans will stretch slightly as you break them in.

As you can see, Vans shoes might make a good choice for people with wider feet. But before you buy, there are a few things that you should know. Let’s take a closer look at whether Vans is right for you.

Are Vans Comfy for Wide Feet?

Vans footwear is renowned for being comfortable. These shoes are known for being easy to slip and off and fit a variety of foot types, including wide feet. If your focus is comfort, it might be best to consider the ComfyCush range of Vans.

Vans have a long history of making shoes that are easy to slip on and off. This makes them one of the most convenient brands on the market. However, if you have wider feet, you also need to make sure that you’re getting the support you need.

Without adequate support, wearing shoes can quickly become uncomfortable. Leather can dig into your feet and the stitching can scratch at the skin. Traditionally, some people had a problem with Vans shoes because of this.

Because of this, the company released the ComfyCush range. These have been designed to replicate the style of other shoes in the Vans range. However, these shoes place a greater emphasis on comfort. There are a few ways that the ComfyCush range does this.

First, there is additional arch support. This helps stop the heels from rubbing against the back of the shoe. Also, the shoe has a one-piece interior. This stops the stitching from digging into the skin. The cost is usually just $10 more than the regular range. If you have wider feet, it could be worth spending the money to make the upgrade.

If the type of shoes you are interested in isn’t part of the ComfyCush range, you might want to consider getting inserts. This can provide more support. It’s also a good idea to wear thick socks. Try the shoes before you buy them. Getting a good fit will stop the shoes from rubbing.

Do Vans Come in Wide?

Do Vans Fit Wide Feet - Do Vans Come in Wide

All Vans are manufactured in medium width. There is no wide or narrow option. As a result, you might need to go a size up, to make sure that your feet fit. The design can also have an impact on how wide the shoes will be.

Vans don’t make shoes that are specifically designed to fit people with wider feet. All their shoes come in medium width sizing. This can make it harder for people to find the perfect shoe for them. However, it doesn’t need to be an impossible task.

The best strategy is to get shoes that are a size higher than needed. This should give your feet plenty of space. It’s also worth remembering that the design will affect how wide the shoe will be. For example, the Old Skool design is best for people with wide feet. We’ll discuss this in more detail a little later.

The best way to test how well the shoes fit is by trying it on in-store. This will make it easy to try multiple sizes. However, this might not always be possible. For example, shoes might only be available online. In this case, check the returns policy before you make the purchase. This ensures that you’ll be able to send them back if they don’t fit properly.

Do Vans Stretch?

Over time, Vans will stretch. It might take a few weeks for you to break them in. Once you do, the shoes will be suited to your feet and style of walking. Once broken in, they will be more comfortable.

Vans will change over time, to suit your feet. If you have wider feet, they will be able to stretch to fit them in. This process is called being broken in. To get the best results, you’ll need to follow a few tips when breaking in your Vans.

You’ll want to wear thicker socks for the first few weeks. This will ensure that the shoes don’t dig into your skin. When wearing the socks, leave a little extra space when you are lacing them up. This will ensure that they will stretch to accommodate your feet.

When you’re breaking the shoes in, you’ll want to wear them twice a day. Go for a short walk. You should only be aiming for an hour or so. If you start to feel any pain, take the shoes off. If you feel that they are rubbing against the back of your heel, you might want to apply some petroleum jelly to the back of the shoe. You’ll only need a small amount.

If the breaking-in process is taking too long, there are some things you can do to speed it up. You can try bending the shoe. Stop when you feel resistance, to avoid damaging the sole. This should help soften them up. You might also want to heat up the shoes slightly before wearing them. You can do this by leaving them in the sun for a few hours. You might also want to use a hairdryer.

Ultimately, though, stretching the shoes will come with time. It might take a few weeks, or months, but the shoes will adjust to suit your feet. Once this happens, you’ll feel that your Vans are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

Are Vans Old Skool Good For Wide Feet?

Vans Old Skool is a good choice for people with wide feet. Many people who have wide feet say that it makes them feel comfortable. You might want to get the ComfyCush option, to ensure that you get plenty of padding and support.

There are many types of Vans sneakers. However, Old Skool might be the best option for those who have wide feet. This tends to be a fairly spacious sneaker, giving you plenty of room to spread out, even if you have wider feet.

If you want something even more comfortable, you might want to choose the Old Skool ComfyCush. As we mentioned earlier, these shoes come with extra padding. This will ensure that you’ll be able to get the support that you need.

Other popular Vans options for people with wide feet are the Classic Slip-On and the Pro. Both of these should give you plenty of space and support. Between these styles, there will be plenty of Vans shoes for you to choose from. If you are interested in buy some Old Skools, you can see the current options and colors on Amazon below (affiliate links):

Vans Men's Ward Sneaker, Black Suede Canvas Black White C24,...
Vans Women’s Ward Suede/Canvas Low-Top Sneakers,...
Vans Old Skool Trainers (5 US Men / 6.5 US Women, (Primary...
Vans Men's Ward Sneaker, Black Suede Canvas Black White C24,...
Vans Women’s Ward Suede/Canvas Low-Top Sneakers,...
Vans Old Skool Trainers (5 US Men / 6.5 US Women, (Primary...
Vans Men's Ward Sneaker, Black Suede Canvas Black White C24,...
Vans Men's Ward Sneaker, Black Suede Canvas Black White C24,...
Vans Women’s Ward Suede/Canvas Low-Top Sneakers,...
Vans Women’s Ward Suede/Canvas Low-Top Sneakers,...
Vans Old Skool Trainers (5 US Men / 6.5 US Women, (Primary...
Vans Old Skool Trainers (5 US Men / 6.5 US Women, (Primary...

Vans and Wide Feet – Final Thoughts

Our shoes should give people an insight into our personality. We want to make sure that we are comfortable in the shoes that we are wearing. If you have wider feet, you’ll still be able to enjoy wearing sneakers and participating in activities like playing sports.

While Vans don’t make shoes specifically for people with wide feet, they will stretch to suit your feet. You might need to wear them for a few weeks before they will be broken in properly.

Typically, the best Vans shoes will be the Old Skool, these tend to be a little more spacious. You might also want to investigate the Classic-Slip and Pro. So, use these tips to find the perfect sneakers for you.

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