Best Clarks Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis (Review) in 2020

If you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, you’re possibly viewing your shoe closet in a completely new light. Will your normal shoes provide you with the required support to recover from plantar fasciitis?

This article has an answer for you. One of the best ways to provide relief to your feet is by investing in a pair of high-quality Clark’s shoes. The best Clarks shoes for plantar fasciitis offer you the required support and absorb shock to your foot. Whether you’re looking for comfy shoes for everyday way wear, men’s/women’s casual sneakers, or even comfy dress shoes, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a sneak peek at our top picks:

Best Women's Clarks Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Clarks Women's Blanche Cacee Flat
Clarks Women's Un Loop Loafers
Clarks Women's Maypearl Ramie Ankle Boot
Clarks Women's Teadale Rhea Oxford

Best Mens Clarks Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Clarks Tilden Cap Men's Oxford
Clarks Tilden Walk Men's Oxford Shoe
Clarks Men's Reazor Drive Slip-OnLoafer

What Should You Look for When Shopping Plantar Fasciitis Clarks Shoes?

Footwear can directly be connected with plantar fasciitis and foot pain. This implies that the right shoes can have a huge impact on your pain intensity aside from your speed or recovery. But what exactly is the correct Clarks footwear?

Here are some of the things you should look for in a Clarks shoe if you suffer from the plantar fasciitis condition:

Great Arch Support

Clarks shoes that come with anatomical arch support placed at the right position beneath the arch that aids in reducing pain. The arch support reduces pain by acting as support to the foot, relieving overpronation, and so lessening the strain on the plantar fascia tissue.

Deep Heel Cups

The appropriate heel cup will hug your heel. This offers protection to the heel bone as well as containing pronation and supination, keeping you steadied with every single step.

Ergonomic Sole

The Clarks shoes should feature an ergonomic sole that is meant to drive the foot forward. This enables the movement of the foot hence minimizing impact.

Customizable Cushioning

Make sure that the Clarks shoes feature a first-rate system of cushioning meant to absorb the effect the instant the heel strikes the ground. Memory foam, plus any other material that matches the contours of the foot, provides the best comfort.


The shoes ought to bow bit by bit at the ball of the foot as it provides some resistance. The shoes must not be too stiff or too shapeless as they won’t protect the feet. You can try out the Clarks shoes by twisting them.

Spacious Toe Box

More often than not, you’ll buy shoes and later realize that they are very small and tight for your feet. This could be due to you have naturally wide feet, but some shoes are just designed this way. Having a narrow toe box can also lead to bunions. With a Clarks shoe that comes with a wide toe box design, your toes won’t be cramped hence foot pain can’t aggravate.

Additional Depth Design and Contoured Footbeds

You should also look for Clarks shoes having extra depth and contoured footbeds. Extra-depth design accommodates custom orthotic insoles whereas footbeds aid promotes configuration by equably allocating your weight across the foot.

Removable Insoles

The best Clarks shoes for plantar fasciitis come with detachable shoe inserts thus when necessary you’re able to replace them with a different pair of insoles. This way, replacing insoles is made simple instead of purchasing a new pair of Clarks owing to insufficient support.

We have compiled the best options for plantar fasciitis Clarks shoes below. They take account of both men’s and women’s Clarks shoes.

The 7 Best Clarks Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Clarks Tilden Cap Men’s Oxford

Even though the Men’s Oxford-style Tilden Walk by Clarks is perfect for pretty much every business setting, they are also versatile enough for daily wear. The stylish Tilden Walk shoes are designed with an upper made of leather.

Its lace-up closure system having blind eyelets provides a comfy custom fitting around your feet. The discreet gore panels adjacent to the vamp enable you to put on the shoes easily.

The classic stitching accents make the Clarks shoes appear sophisticated plus the logo stamped on the side greatly boosts its value. Even as there’s no padding on the shoe tongue, the collar of the shoe is lightly padded.

Just in case you’re planning on purchasing these Oxfords, likelihoods are you’ll be having them on all day long. The shoes come with breathable leather that ensures they remain sweat-free even after wearing them constantly for more than a day.

The shoes’ outsole is made up of a ground-grasping TPR. The Durable TPR provides great significant physical resistance on any surface you could be walking or running over.

The insoles of the Clarks shoe is made with OrthoLite Cushion Soft technology for the ease of the user. The OrthoLite cushioned footbed is extremely comfy and provides exceptional cushioning for the support on each step. The open-cell technology of the foam ensures the sole is breathable. There is also a steel stability shank that acts as a shock absorber.


  • Simple to put on
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • The steel shank boosts stability as well as comfort
  • Durable TPR
  • OrthoLite cushioning technology


  • The arch support is not the best

2. Clarks Women’s Blanche Cacee Flat

While the women’s Blanche Cacee flat Clarks shoes are completely made up of leather, the shoes’ outer sole is made of rubber. Clarks Company manufactured these shoes while bearing the maximum ease in mind. The design features rich leather coupled with ruched overlay details making these shoes a perfect option for wearing in day-to-day activities.

The shoes also come with an OrthoLite footbed which is a cushion soft comfort technology. Besides cushioning, the OrthoLite provides exceptional support. But then again the shoes have permanent insoles that cannot be removed. The strong and sturdy outer rubber sole ensures you won’t slip while having these shoes on.

The soft fabric and synthetic linings of the Blanche Cacee Clarks shoes boost its lifetime while providing comfort to your foot. Besides, you’re sure to find your exact size; hence you won’t have to force your legs in. The fitting is smooth.


  • Very is easy to put on
  • Has a simple but high-quality design
  • Perfect for all day-to-day undertakings


  • Not a go-to option for those that prefer a bit more heel

3. Clarks Tilden Walk Men’s Oxford Shoe

These Tilden Walk shoes are designed in a way to ensure you look stylish and amazing 9 to 5 and beyond. These dress pair of shoes are not only a perfect choice for office work, but It’s also suitable for your day to day wear. The Oxford style leather shoes feature a full-grain leather upper as well as a lace-up style closure coupled with blind eye holes and a bike toe.

On the side of the vamp, you’ll see a twin discreet gore panel which makes putting on the shoe easy. The collar of the shoes comes padded a bit to avert any irritation at the skin surrounding the ankles. The shoes are available in an extensive range of colors, which are brown, black, and dark tan and they have a 1-inch heel height to promote the natural way of walking.

Key features of the shoes include the outsole which is made from ground tripping TPR. The TPR provides the traction needed over numerous different surfaces. The other feature is the supportive steel shank that offers long-lasting steadiness and comfort to the feet.

The shoes’ changeable OrthoLite footbed offers exceptional cushioning as well as support to your feet. The shoes also come with the cushion soft technology that combines with numerous different density foams to deliver maximum comfort.

Other unique features of the shoes include the open-cell technology in the foam design that makes the sole breathable, the anterior of the shoe has a fabric and faux leather lining to avert any chaffing of the feet.

The antibacterial properties in the footbed protect your feet from any kind of bacteria and also aids in keeping your feet cool and dry by wicking away moisture from the feet.


  • Perfect choice for office work
  • The elastic gore panel makes it simple to wear on and wear off
  • The ground-gripping TPR offers stability as well as resistance


  • As with any leather shoes, you will want to stay up on the care required

4. Clarks Women’s Un Loop Loafers

The Women’s Un Loop Loafers, which is ideal for day-to-day wear, comes with an array of features making it comfortable and safe for work or play. In terms of material the upper, inner, outer parts as well as the lining is made with leather.

Women’s Un Loop loafers’ classic yet stylish looks are just what you need for an office or everyday use. The shoes provide a wonderful design and have a stylish and handcrafted look with an amorphous leather slip-on that includes a button and switch.

The shoes come with breathable leather linings. These linings provide the shoes with the room to breathe, ensuring your feet remain dry, fresh, and comfortable. The sole of Women Un Loop loafers is made up of very supportive gum rubber. It grips virtually every surface and doesn’t slide.

The inside is lined with smooth synthetic material as well as a well made cushioned footbed. The OrthoLite cushioned footbed provides great cushioning and a better fit. Seeing as it’s changeable, you can keep or remove it whenever you feel like.

Lastly, the Women’s Un Loop fitting is true to your size. Once you have them on you don’t feel any tightness surrounding your feet.


  • Classic yet stylish design
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Features complete leather construction with great cushioning system
  • Innovative climate control technology


  • Though the manufacturer guarantees they’ll keep going for two years, there can be potential issues with the “new” feeling comfort after those 2 years

5. Clarks Women’s Maypearl Ramie Ankle Boot

The Clarks Maypearl Ramie provides the latest and stylish looks on at a comfortable heel height. These Clarks shoes are one of the best for women who enjoy showing off their selections of style.

The sophisticated Maypearl Ramie is made up of 100% leather. Since they are breathable shoes, you won’t feel any inflammation for the period of summers. The long boots come with an opening of approximately 11 inches which implies any normal female can have them on without having any trouble.

The other great feature of the Maypearl Ramie Clarks shoes is the textile lining that provides you with an excellent comfort level in every single area of the foot. You won’t experience any irritation.

Also, the Clarks’ washable soles are made up of synthetic material hence no dirt or debris can stick to it. This boot also comes with an OrthoLite footbed meant for support, cushioning as well as comfort.


  • Stylish and provide great comfort
  • A great option for office work
  • Made up of pure leather


  • The fit has the possibility to start off narrow but will relax

6. Clarks Women’s Teadale Rhea Oxford

The Women’s Oxford-style Teadale from Clarks ranks amongst the best shoes for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. This pair has a derby-enthused upper combined with a sneaker-kind platform as well as a lace-up closure system.

The shoes upper is completely made of leather with stitches lying on the side, back, and top parts. Besides, the leather is breathable to ensure your feet remain cool and dry in the summer season. The textile lining within the shoe protects your entire foot from scratches and any other discomfort.

The Clarks shoes feature an OrthoLite footbed which eradicates the usual causes of the plantar fasciitis condition. The cushioned footbed not only provides support and comfort but also keeps your feet are dry. In addition, the cushioned OrthoLite footbed acts as a shock absorber hence protecting your feet from wounds.

The Teadale Rhea Oxford Clarks shoes also come with a synthetic outsole. This is a lightweight and flexible outsole that has great gripping power. The synthetic outsole ensures you don’t slip while walking, running, or dancing on any given surface.


  • Stylish and comfortable Clarks
  • Great for people who stand a lot during the day
  • Great arch support and cushioning system
  • Textile lining that protects the foot from injuries


  • The toe box could be slim to some but will relax with use

7. Clarks Men’s Reazor Drive Slip-OnLoafer

The Clarks Men’s Reazor Drive Slip-On Loafer is a pair of shoes designed for any individual suffering from the plantar fasciitis condition in mind.

The Clarks shoes have a minimal and nice-looking design. The shoes come in numerous different colors and you’ll enjoy how simple it is wearing them on and off. The upper part of these Clarks is 100% breathable leather while its sole is made up of sturdy yet supple rubber material. The rubber outsole provides great grip on any surface of the ground.

The shoes come with an excellent breathable mesh which implies you can use them even in warm weather conditions without being concerned about sweating in them.

The other unique feature of these Clarks is the Sheepskin lining material that will provide you with the ultimate comfort level in the top, sideways, as well as heel areas. There’s also the OrthoLite footbed that offers great support and comfort.


  • Have a classic and stylish design
  • Good for plantar fasciitis
  • Provide a great level of comfort and support


  • Complaints have been raised concerning leather tearing over long periods of time and heavy use

Other Factors to Consider

Make sure to take into account is the durability of the shoes. Keep in mind, the cheaper the shoes the higher the chances they won’t last long or offer the best support for your feet. At the end of the day, the best Clarks shoes for every foot must have great arch support combined with soft cushioning, strong heel support, ergonomic sole, flexibility, and shock absorption.

Above all, the choice relies on the activity for which the Clarks shoes are meant for. The activity could be standing all day at work, walking, running, and so forth. Great Clarks shoes will aid in relieving the aching brought about by plantar fasciitis. They will also provide support to your feet as you undertake your day-to-day activities.

All the Clarks shoes reviewed here will offer you cushioning as well as comfort by their exclusive orthotic insole designs. In spite of this, the insoles are removable.

You can replace them with detachable foot pads that can be customized for your feet. The orthotic inserts can mold to your feet. All you need to do is acquire orthotic insoles as per the stipulations of your feet.


Despite the fact that the best Clarks shoes for plantar fasciitis can be of great help alleviating your pain, they might not be of help to everyone. If none of these options fit your needs, check out our list of the best Skechers for plantar fasciitis.

The moment your plantar fasciitis pain becomes severe and disrupts your general life, it could be time to see a doctor for professional help.

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