Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis 2020 Reviews

Having a foot condition like plantar fasciitis can make it hard to find shoes, fewer insoles that can support the heel and arch of your feet. You need to find something with just the right arch support, and a firm heel counter that’ll keep up with your activities.

As it turns out, insoles can be found easily when you come across an article like this one. Insoles are available for those who need high-to-moderate arch support and high-impact capability.

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the best insoles for plantar fasciitis to get you back on your feet and moving without heel pain in no time.

Best Overall:
Superfeet BLUE Full Length Insole
45 Reviews
Superfeet BLUE Full Length Insole
  • FIT PROFILE: Medium volume/Medium profile insoles; Volume refers to the amount of space these...
  • STABILIZER CAP: The rails of the Superfeet orthotic support shoe inserts reinforce the narrow cap to...
  • HEEL CUP: Helps position the heel to naturally absorb and soften impact from the ground.
  • SUPERFEET SHAPE: The medium-profile shape of these orthotic shoe inserts puts support right where...

Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

1. Superfeet BLUE Premium Insoles

Superfeet BLUE Premium Insoles

The best shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis are these inserts made by Superfeet. Superfeet offers a line of insoles with varying arch support depending on your foot type and arch support needs. These BLUE Superfeet insoles offer medium arch support.

This BLUE design is meant to fit easily into shoes with narrower heels or shoes with less room in general. The closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot without taking up too much space as a “high-volume” insole would.

At the base, the stabilizer cap helps to support the foot and provide structure to your footwear. Superfeet insoles are made with durable construction as well as a natural NXT antibacterial coating to keep odors at bay.

I can vouch for the quality of Superfeet insoles since I own the GREEN pair myself. As someone who needs more support in the arch, the GREEN works better for me. But for those who need medium support, the BLUE should work perfectly for you.

The only negative might be the price point. Superfeet is not known for being a cheap brand, but that’s because their products are top quality.

  • Medium arch support
  • Takes up less space in shoes
  • Higher price

2. Orthaheel Orthotics

Orthaheel Orthotics

Orthaheel Orthotics are made for those of us who engage in high-impact activities such as running and sports. Not all plantar fasciitis inserts can handle the impact of such activities, but Orthaheel Orthotics can. They are comfortable and well-made.

These insoles help prevent pronation by adding a 4-degree foot wedge. This provides support and control to the foot and helps to align your feet correctly; removing weight off the arches and encouraging even weight distribution throughout the foot.

A reinforced hardened plastic shell adds stability and motion control. In the heel is cushioned shock dot, which helps absorb shock as you walk and run. Athletes with plantar fasciitis love to wear these insoles for this reason.

Like the Superfeet insoles, Orthaheel Orthotics are not the cheapest. They are some of the best orthotics for plantar fasciitis that will help lessen the pain and keep up with your toughest workouts. Some mention squeaking, but this is on a case-by-case basis.

  • Good orthotics for high-impact activities
  • High-quality
  • Squeaking?
  • High price

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Premium Orthotic Shoe Insoles

best insoles for plantar fasciitis

Another contender for plantar fasciitis inserts for those who are active is the Powerstep Pinnacle Premium Orthotic Insoles. These are made for people with mild to moderate pronation. The design of these insoles helps relieve plantar fasciitis pain and increases overall foot comfort.

The encapsulated design is made with a semi-rigid shell offering flexibility as well as full arch support through the foot. A deep heel cradle is meant to protect the heels from heavy impact during running or walking.

These plantar fasciitis shoe inserts stay comfortable due to the double layer foam cushioning that keeps every step light and airy while still providing enough support. The top fabric is made anti-microbial and therefore reduces heat and friction, especially during those strenuous activities.

The Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles offer strong, medical grade foot support. They are made in the U.S.A. so you can feel good about supporting your country’s economy while also doing something good for your feet!

  • For mild-to-moderate pronation
  • Can handle high-impact activities
  • High price

4. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Arch Support Shoe Insoles

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Arch Support Shoe Insoles

Looking for something with a little more arch support? These insoles offered by Spenco may be the way to go. These Polysorb Cross Trainer Arch insoles offer higher arch support and a firmer insole to give you the support needed for feet that suffer from plantar fasciitis caused by overpronation.

These plantar fasciitis shoe inserts are designed not only for daily walking but for those who engage in active activities like running. For this reason, they have been made with ample shock absorption technologies and cushioning. These technologies include the Spencore heel plug and the Spencore material.

The 4-way stretch fabric with antimicrobial properties prevents blisters from forming on your feet while also controlling odor. Underneath the fabric, the lightweight Polysorb polyurethane foam gives firm arch and heel support.

Those who have lower arch support needs may find these insoles uncomfortable for how firm they are and how high the arches rise. As mentioned earlier, these supports are made for those of us who need a little extra TLC for their feet. Assess your own needs and choose accordingly.

  • Firmer arch support for moderate-to-high pronators
  • High-quality, sound structure
  • Too firm for some

5. Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Replacement Insoles

Dr. Scholl's Active Series Replacement Insoles

Dr. Scholl has made it to our list with their Active Series Replacement insoles. These insoles have been designed to support your feet on the move in activities like running and walking.
Starting with the ball of the foot, they’ve added thick cushioning to help distribute pressure throughout your step. The arch design is meant to improve the transition of weight from heel to toe providing a healthier gait. Finally, the deep heel cup is meant to help stabilize the heel while also absorbing the impact of each step.
As another advantage, these insoles are made with SweatMax technology to help reduce foot odor. Many people love these insoles for how comfortable they are and their low price point. These are some of the best over-the-counter orthotics for plantar fasciitis.

  • Low price
  • Good quality construction
  • Sound insole technologies
  • Some mention squeaking


A good pair of insoles in a good pair of sneakers/athletic shoes can mean the difference between happy feet and painful feet. These best shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis are meant to get you moving and on-the-go again so that you can take the world by storm.
Pick out your favorite pair from this list and watch your plantar fasciitis pain ease away. You’ll be thanking us in no time.

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