How To Break In Leather Boots

Ever you ever thought of the benefit in breaking those leather boots of yours without the hassle of struggling to conform to the feet?

Wait a minutes, do I assume you belong to those league of boot wearers who will employ all unconventional means to seeing that their feet fit in every boots even if entail crude patterns that comes along with blisters and great discomfort?


Am sure someone is beginning to feel the pangs of guilt here, but hey! Not too worry, this is about to stop as I take you onto a cruise safari in learning more about breaking in those leather boots of yours.

I am aware some of you might have tried all strategies and techniques in seeing that you beat the stress of breaking in those boots of yours.

Well, here is the catch:

I was once in this messy state until I discovered the little simple tricks and tactics to employ if one must rock those fanciful leather boots to a dream taste. Keep the try coming, but when it’s not done using the right gadgets and skills, I am sorry to say but those B-Union might just become your next feet guest alongside blister.

Items needed to break in completely without hassle:

  • Oil Usage
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Blisters pads
  • Thin and thick soaks
  • Paper folds

I could remember my first glance at some of these items. It was some weird stuff for me to figure out until I made up my mind to see beyond the facets of just these nomenclatures.

During my sophomore in a fashion school in Paris, I worked on some pretty amazing extra tips which could as well save you the dollar bills while you effortlessly size those leather boots of yours without a pinch of sweat. Wait a moments, these alternatives may shock your sense of what conformity is, but, they work real well like magic. See below;

The hand bend method

I could recall the first time I did I trial on this this method, though, it wasn’t giveaway, but, it worked real well like magic. This is what happens for a trail.

Grab those boots of yours and bend it up, down and sideways with both hands. Ensure you allow your two hands take the back soul and front soul. Continue this process for a while and scale the differences you will see at the tail end. Stay careful with this method so as not to spoil the base of your boots.

Jeez! Have you ever tried using those pair of boots to sleep? Trust me folks, its real hell worse than the gory Imagination of it.

Well, once it is worn, the pains last for only a while then it gets align with the feet of the wearer. Try this for a couple of days and observe the miracle of DIY.

Believe me, when I got those designers leather boots of mine tight enough to kill the fun, I slept with my boots until it breaks in nicely for comfort.

Walk round the house with your leather boots: For real! Sure, I once tried it and it worked slowly painful but gently tender when the process became use to the routine. You may consider wearing those tight boots of yours at home, walking it round while still on feet.

This no doubt is one safest and no cost attached process to getting those loose breaks in your boots. Sure man, trust me, there are skills in doing this and making it work.

Please do not consider working straight, it keeps the process boring. Stay creative and try the zigzag movements of pace. While walking, try kicking the boots already on feet into the air.

Be free with your innovations and stay positive until you get a reasonable amount of loose space not just to break in but to avoid the danger of a blister foot.

C’mon jack, when we talk creativity, go the extra mile and style your innovations while rocking those leather boots round the length and breadth of the house. I meant this when I say ‘DANCE”. Yes, consider dancing those discomforts as you break in. Trust me, it worth the while.

Get the rhythm on dude……Put on those dancing shoe, but in this context, use the leather boots you intend to break loose.

Oil usage

Most of the time, we often complain about the oil type good enough to achieving the desired results. Hold on there, this is about to stop as your eyes will soon see why those leather boots of yours are either experiencing deterioration or can’t break in to taste.

There are so many oil types, the olive oil, Castro oil, palm oil along others. Though, these are all oils, but not all can break in those leather boots.

Without further ado, I present to you mink oil, coconut oil, foot oil along some others which can do the needed magic. Depending on your boots production either of these will just be fine.

Here is a simple procedure: Depending on the weight of your boot, I am an adherent to very big hefty boots.

1. Pour a sizable quantity of mink oil into a bowl

2. Get a towel or torn used t-shirt

3. Soak it into the bowl and allow dripping

4. Use the towel or t-shirt to rob surface, tongue and side of the boots.

5. Allow boots to stay greasy for a while say a whole day for desired result after oil coating. Come back 24hours later and size those leather boots for a break in. Should the effect not align with taste, repeat procedure and see the miracle.

Isopropyl alcohol

Also known as dimethyl carbinol, can be a very good rubbing alcohol to apply to those stiff boots of yours, stubbornly refusing to break in as soon as desire. The application here is same as the above for mink oil just that in this case you use Isopropyl alcohol.

Blisters Pad

Obviously, you sure don’t intend to break in those boots of yours with some of those uncomfortable boots pads. Sometimes, it not fitting enough to balance the feet, hence it could result in blistering. However, if you must avoid these, then you sure need some great blister pad ideal enough in protecting your feet when you eventually break in.

Paper folds

Wow! For a break in with easy tone, try tucking a paper fold into your boots after every use. Keep it there until you desire to use again. This is pretty cool, it helps push the boots tongue out and create a lot of space within the boots interior.

Oh, my word! Did I tell you a thinn and thick socks is another great way to breaking in? Take a look here

See video link for more tips:

Kate Edison

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