Can You Run With Plantar Fasciitis?


I wish there was a way we could walk with our hands. What’s your feeling towards arch pain or heel pain?

Well, this is a problematic pain in the sense that we just can’t keep it off our daily lives.

If you have a hurting foot, every step you take is a prerequisite to pain. It is during such moment that gets one into thinking can you run with plantar fasciitis?

It is not your fault that you have plantar fasciitis. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is a condition that results from inappropriate running shoes, poor foot structure and drastic increase in mileage.

Yes, you can run with plantar fasciitis, but some safety measures have to be taken.

Consider this:

Every person has got a special case of plantar fasciitis. The fact that you and your training mate or siblings have the condition doesn’t mean that you ought to be handled the same way.

There are runners who can ‘push through’ it and forge forward with their daily routine. These continue doing whatever they want as the root problem is being treated. Then there are those whose state continues to deteriorate as they run. In this case, the experience is worsened to the extent that walking is incredibly difficult and running becomes a thing of the past.

If you have severe pain, my advice is that you avoid vigorous sessions for a couple of days. But if you have a mild or moderate plantar fasciitis, then feel free to enjoy your running “but in a safe manner,” recommends WebMD.

Experienced Runners with Plantar Fasciitis

I have always been consistent with this group of runners. If you fall into this category and have a bout of plantar fasciitis, then don’t run for a few days. Just let your muscles cool off and resume afterward.

Get involved in simple tasks such as stretching your feet as well as foam rolling your legs and calves.

At times, the cause of your plantar fasciitis may be non-supportive or worn out shoes. Why don’t you just get yourself a new pair? You may also purchase plantar fasciitis inserts when running with plantar fasciitis.

The moment your feet is okay; you can then make running part your daily sessions. Start at a slow pace and gradually get back into the running mode.

I Am a New Runner…

You may be a new runner, but that is a good thing for it gives you an edge over the condition. You can still run even though the plantar fasciitis is mild or moderate.

Probably the best ways to start is by first walking, then jogging and eventually take a run.

But before you are deeply lost into running, don’t forget to allow yourself one or two days of rest so that your feet can adequately recover. Little by little you can increase your running intervals.

And you know what? It’s possible for the pain to become severe as you continue training. In such a case, refrain from running and seek medical help.

Will Running With Plantar Fasciitis Make It Worse?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are doing it correctly or wrongly. If you are doing it wrong, then it goes without saying that the condition will worsen. Now how can you know that you are running the wrong way?

You can know this if you begin to feel that you are ‘pushing through’ the routine. The pain is persisting, but on your end, you aren’t refraining from running. Let the exercise be a natural process, after all, and you are not a machine!

Begin at a slow pace then increase your speed gradually. Slow down when you reach the peak of your run.

What To Do When Running With Plantar Fasciitis

At this juncture, you may already be confident that yes you can run with that mild or moderate pain. As you do so, please take note of the following…

#1: Always ice after training sessions

If you have been struggling with heel pain after the workout, have some ice nearby. Set aside some 10 to 15 minutes of icing after your run and in the evening when the pain re-emerges. These things don’t just abruptly, you know.

You can ice your feet in some ways. I prefer submerging my feet in a bucket of ice. I know of a friend who holds a bag of ice at her feet bottom. You can even invest ice therapy slippers. I mean, the options are endless.

#2: Warm up before any run

According to NCBI, warming up before a workout is a sure way to safety. By saying that I don’t mean you just stand still and do some stretches. The idea behind warming up is that you get your heart beat rate high.

It also seeks to increase capillary activation, motions of important joints and the elasticity of your ligaments and tendons.

Take part in a warm-up exercise like squats, lunges and leg swings. Considering that you have plantar fasciitis, pay closer attention to calves, ankles and the plantar fascia ligament.

#3: Your body says it all

Always listen to your body. If it tells you to stop, then do so. If it asks you to proceed, why shouldn’t you? You may have been increasing your workout rate in the past few days but time will come when you’ll have to cool down.


We’ve seen that you can run with plantar fasciitis. How fast you can do this depends on whether your heel pain is mild, moderate or severe. It is also tied to the aspect of being an experienced or inexperienced runner. Finally, I have also given you some tips you can follow when running with plantar fasciitis.

If you are planning on running with plantar fasciitis, do the following:

  • Get yourself a new pair of comfortable running shoes
  • Have easy access to ice after workout
  • Be ready to let go if it doesn’t work well for you

Please leave a comment and let me know what other questions you may have.

Kate Edison

My name is Kate, and I created FootwearDynamics to provide information and guidance on problem feet as well as the struggles that arise from having common foot issues. Since experiencing my own difficulties, I’ve decided to share my knowledge with you in the hopes that you’re journey to happy, healthier feet can be less troublesome and quicker to figure out than most.

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